Posted on May 1, 2019

Nations Law Group

The New Policy Memorandum by The Attorney General on Dealing with Marijuana Issues in Immigration.
This new policy does not exist because marihuana is a main target of the Federal government. Its real target is immigration to the United States and Immigrants themselves. Marijuana has had a long and negative history since the 1937 marihuana tax act. The laws and stigma that followed have slowly decayed with time to the point that individual States have decriminalized the use of Marijuana for medical and/or recreational purposes. This conflicts with the federal regulation of marijuana which still criminalizes it as a schedule I drug. This struggle came to a head during the Obama administration and resulted in the federal government not prosecuting persons engaging in the marijuana business within states that had legalized its use.
With Jeff Sessions as Attorney General the tune significantly changed. Sessions had a personal issue with Marijuana and sought to attack its use at every level. His departure from the AG position was a relief in some ways to many within the Marijuana industry. This makes the USCIS memo, after Sessions departure, somewhat of a surprise. Why? Because the memo is not one that stems or is rooted in a prohibition of marijuana. It is another attempt by the current administration to attack, frighten and tire those attempting to become legal immigrants in the United States. The long list of policy “changes” by the Trump administration is clear e
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